As food lovers, we were so excited to work side by side with Cuarto de Kilo and a great creative team that made possible this super fun project. The goal was to visually represent the deliciousness of these Bestial Burgers cooked on a charcoal grill with super-fresh ingredients.
The big challenge was to avoid biting the burgers during the shooting!
Lion Key Visuals
Burgers Key Visuals
Although we worked on the retouching and post-production, it was very important for us to be physically on the shooting production. There, we worked closely with the photographer, creative directors, and the client to get the best acting and angles from the talent, this way, the post-production and retouching can be as smooth as possible, and focused on elevating the image and concept, rather than correcting and fixing.
We assemble a glimpse of the process needed for a work like this. We invest a lot of thought in each step to represent our client's vision and goal while respecting the amazing work of the photographer and food stylist.
Lion Process
Burgers Process
Here, you can see the before and after. All of the elements used for the retouching were extracted from the same gallery of photographs taken by the photograph.
Client: Cuarto de Kilo
Production: Bionica TV
Producer: Mauro Bravo
CD's: Adriana Vigueras, Rafael Silva
Photograph: Michelle Burgos
Food Styling: Patricia Martinez

Bam Studio
Producer: Mitchell Go├▒i
Director: Andy Castillo
Retouching Artist: Andrei Bengoa

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