This time we had the chance to collaborate with two of our favorite companies: Adobe and LinkedIn. The goal was to announce this great new tool for marketers in a fun and simple way. Scroll down to find out how we did it!
We started by analyzing the client's brief and all the material provided (yep, all of it). Additionaly, we did some research on our end to gain a comprehensive understanding of the client's product and their specific requirements.
Once we had a good grasp of what the client wanted and needed, we sat on the writing machine and start typing. Throughout this stage, we worked very closely with the client, synthesizing all gathered information while employing a casual and friendly tone.​​​​​​​ Also during this process we established the tone and pace of the video.
As a B2B user, providing a unique customer experience to multiple profiles across
different systems can be very challenging.
With Adobe Real-Time CDP B2B Edition, target and unify lead, account, and
opportunity profiles across systems, while getting a global view of your customers.
Get data peace of mind with: real-time profiles, data collection, data governance,
and easy activation across Adobe and other destinations.
Also with LinkedIn Matched Audiences integration, activate profiles for LinkedIn
Campaigns for audience targeting, personalization, and suppression.
Upgrade your first party data by connecting Adobe to LinkedIn via the
Conversions API. With conversion tracking, see what’s working and just do more of it.
Contact your Adobe or LinkedIn rep and get started.
Scratch Voice Over
During this process, we cast voice over artists and present a few options that we believe would wuit the video best to the client. Then, we ask the selected VO artist to do a scratch voice over, an unpolished version that helped us figure out the timing and pace during the animatic process. 
Storyboard and Animatic
This step is crucial for the whole process, especially to achieve a successfull outcome. Collaborating closely with our client, we iterated back and forth until we felt we accurately conveyed the story in an accurate, engaging and and fun way. Here we try to figure out all the aspects of the video, like transitions, visual metaphors, composition, pace and rythm, etc. This way our client will have an accurate representation of how the video will look like at the end, and also, our animators will have a clear vision and instruction. 
Based on the storyboards and the brand guidelines provided by our client, our illustrators crafted polished illustrations that enriched and elevated the concept. During this process, we made sure to take care and protect our client's brand. 
It's time to get moving! At this stage of the process we have a very solid structure and a clear vision of how the final product should look like. Now, it's time for our animators to have fun.
VO, Music and SFX
Once we have the picture lock (the approved animation), we work on the final VO, music and sound effects. Then, we mix these components, making sure the VO is crisp and clear, so the viewer can follow the video effortlessly, while the music and sfx will enhance the viewer's experience, maximizing engagement and focus. 
Final touches and Render
We meticulously review every frame of the video to ensure everything is in its proper place. Once we are happy with the final result we sent it to our client and chill until we get the final thumbs up!
We were super happy that our client loved the final video!
Clients: Adobe and LinkedIn
Production: Quickframe

Bam Team
Production: Mitchell Goñi
Director: Andy Castillo
Art and design: Caro Martínez "Chabaski", David Flores "El Chiak".
Animation: Andy Castillo
Audio mix: Mitchell Goñi
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